Dare to Dream




Imagine a life that begins with Fast Black and June Bug driving in a pink Cadillac across the hills of Pennsylvania! Well, her life was not an easy path, full of adversity, full or challenges and roadblocks, but through it all, Vera Cornish never stopped dreaming!

In her new book, Dare to Dream with Vera Cornish, Vera takes us on a journey through her life…the difficult childhood, the pain the loss into an exciting and inspiring career including higher education and running a successful media empire…Vera knows the highs of the highs and the lows of the lows.

Have you stopped dreaming? Do you need to dream again? What are you committed to and what dream will you accomplish in this great adventure called ‘Life’!

Well, join Vera on her adventure through the adversity, but on the road to purpose, joy, fulfillment, contentment and a life worth living.

As she always say, “This is Vera Cornish and I DARE YOU TO DREAM”!


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